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A show history in pictures, some posters and a card from the first show

card1.jpg (23796 bytes)

Slowinski's first solo show invitation, Night Gallery, 1981

postsh.jpg (29288 bytes)

Poster from Slowinski's 1983 solo show at Seton Hall University Gallery, 1983

postcc.jpg (27671 bytes)

Poster from Slowinski's 1985 show at the Cat Club on E13th St in the East Village

postli1.jpg (33740 bytes)

The original Limner Gallery poster from Slowinski's first show at Limner in 1987

postst.jpg (36951 bytes)

A 1989 poster from Limner, a classic from the 10th St location

postslo.jpg (45150 bytes)

A 1995 poster from the Slowinski Gallery on Mulberry St in Manhattan.

drpro.jpg (36757 bytes)

A 2004 poster from Limner Gallery on Main St, Phoenicia

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