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Lawrence Berzon

 Drawing from a personal vocabulary of visual symbols and mythology, Lawrence Berzon creates modern social allegories that not only reflect on the human condition but also juxtapose it with the scientifically fantastical and unreal. His intriguing work manages to be both broadly universal and highly specific.
Lawrence Berzon has been working professionally as a painter, sculptor and illustrator for thirty years. He studied at Rhode Island School of Design and San Francisco Art Institute. 
Numerous installations and commissions of his can be found in private homes as well as shops, offices and restaurants around the United States. In addition to Limner Gallery, Berzon has exhibited his work in New York City, Tokyo, Los Angles, Minneapolis and Boston.
Articles and reviews of Berzon's work have appeared in Art in America, Art and Auction, NY Arts and the LA Times. His illustrations have accompanied articles in the New York Times Op Ed and Review of Books, Menninger Perspective, and a variety of book covers and interiors.
Berzon's most recent oil on panel works from his "a Compulsion for Beauty" series address the issue of our culture’s unhealthy obsession with feminine perfection.

Disappearance, oil on panel, 18"x 22.5"

The Alteration, oil on panel, 22"x 17"

 Aspirations, oil on panel, 18"x 19.5"

Notions, oil on panel, 18"x 19.5"