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Cabin Fever

In the spirit of the late 1960's hippie exodus to Woodstock and the Catskills, Slowinski received through Karmic restitution a dilapidated cabin bordering state forest in a remote area of the Catskill Park. Without electricity, using only hammers, crowbars and a chain saw, the artist demolished and rebuilt the structure. Following is a brief description of the project. 

Part 1: The Dilapidated Cabin

cabin1.jpg (24561 bytes)

The original cabin, built in 1921, was rotten to the core, the only thing holding it up was the aluminum siding a prior owner installed in the 1960's.

cabin-19.jpg (16271 bytes) cabin-16.jpg (20526 bytes)

In the center of the living room was a gaping, meteoric hole and the upstairs loft bedroom had no roof left all

cabin-17.jpg (13627 bytes) cabin-18.jpg (11608 bytes)

The kitchen as it was left twenty years ago, and fridge with vandals bullet holes.


cabin-20.jpg (29713 bytes)

The remnant of a center pole and wall barely held the remaining rotten, moldy roof aloft.